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What Kind Of Scientist Do You Want To Be?

Over the course of assembling FoS and finding ways to contribute "content" that compliments that of FoS's science bloggers, I've stumbled onto the answer to a question that has befuddled me all my many years, What do you want to do when you grow up ? Of course it's a little late for me, but maybe the method by which I discovered my true calling could be of some use to someone not so...old. 1. Quite by accident, having decided on science as the general theme of my favorite website, I was halfway to my answer without even knowing it. 2. Fast forwarding to today and taking a critical look at my subsequent contributions to my favorite website over the past year--see the LPB and /r/FoS/ ( ? )--and the mystery of what I wanted to do when I grow up is definitively solved. So what's the answer to the question? Astrobiologist . But back to the method. Step One: Look at your list of favorite websites and glean from them a general field of interest. Examples might be