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You may have noticed our tribe has grown in November. New to our ranks: Sex, Genes & Evolution , The Curious Wavefunction and Games with Words . We grew so much in fact that we outgrew feedburner. Subscribers to the combined feed may have noticed the interruption in service. Good news, however, is the issue has been resolved and the combined feed is back up and running. I'd like to also make a stink over a new way to follow FoS -- via badge . Lastly, since I don't suppose it is necessarily obvious and I realize it requires an expertise than isn't reasonable to expect, a bit more about F ield o f R eddit. To begin, it exists in two places: The ideas behind FoR are: 1. That the so inclined readers of FoS use it as a forum. Regrettably, not enough readers just yet to property test the viability of this implementation. But, there it is nonetheless. 2. To add a little dynamic, crowd sourced content to the front pa