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I'll be experimenting with using The Greenhouse to reblog select science blog posts from across the science blogosphere. Format-wise, it's likely going to be a bit rough around the edges at first, so my apologies in advance.


For 2011 I'll be developing a sister science blog network to Field of Science called TelescopeFeed . While TelescopeFeed is little more than an address at this time, I expect my small but elite readership might enjoy watching the site as it is developed from the ground up. For you, I'll try to be good about posting updates at this feed and that feed . As the name suggests, TelescopeFeed will aspire to be a space sciences science blog network (Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astrobiology, Exoplanetology, etc). If you know of any such scientists, engineers, journalists or amateurs who might be interested blogging their passions, I would appreciate your informing them of this new project. Recall last year I made a few noises about building a network of science blog networks . The offer at the time was to collaborate/teach science bloggers how to set up their own low cost, low maintenance science blog networks using the Field of Science model. While I didn't have any takers at