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I sent out the first two invitations to bloggers today. It's a bit early--graphics still need to be sorted out among other design tweaks--but it would be immensely helpful to plug a few active blogs into the works, as well as work through the adoption process. But mostly, I just can't wait.

Some excerpts from the (similar) invitations, modified as necessary:
I'm starting a science website--Field of Science--and I'd like to invite you to join the project. The quickest way to convey the basic idea behind Field of Science is to compare it to something you're likely familiar with, Science Blogs. Like Science Blogs, Field of Science is (will be) a network of scientist bloggers...with all the inherent benefits a network entails--greater exposure, increased audience, etc. But Field of Science is not a clone of Science Blogs. In fact, the differences are many and important. I'll begin with perhaps the most important difference: Field of Science is powered by Blogger just like your blog. Because of this, I can use Blogger's custom domain option to redirect your blogspot blog to publish at This means you bring your blog (and your readers/links/pagerank) with you, and you don't have to learn any new tricks. Quite literally, the process of posting to Field of Science is exactly the same as the familiar process of posting to Blogger: same account, same login, same everything. The only difference is where the blog will publish. From to
  1. Your blog will remain your own in every respect (including monetizing), and you will retain the option to move Your blog back to at any time.
  2. Your blog will continue to be hosted by Google.
  3. My web design services, expertise, experience will be at your disposal. I've been playing with Blogger and website development for a long time. It's a passion of mine. A compulsion even.
  4. Other goodies consistent with publishing at a .com, such as an email address at gmail account if you want, as well as the increased respect (authority) Your blog will garner simply by virtue of the change of address...
If you've had a look at Field of Science you'll see that I am in the very early stages. In fact, your blog is among the very first I am inviting. I'm breaking new ground, but I've been developing the concept and testing the mechanics for Field of Science for years. The only thing left to do is find a few intrepid scientist Bloggers to form a core group of contributors/developers with whom I can formalize the adoption process, flesh out the details of the magazine and ultimately point to as examples of the benefits of joining Field of Science...
One thing I'm cognizant of is the high degree of reluctance I'm likely to encounter among bloggers I'm inviting. What's more, I'm assuming a dismal success rate for these initial invitations because no one has gone before. In spite of this, I intend to remain very selective about the bloggers I invite.  I'm also leaving the invitations open ended.

The two blogs I invited: Dechronization and Evolutionary Novelties.

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