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I've been working on my science-blog-network, online-magazine (FoS) for a little over a year now. As part of its development, I've been experimenting with repurposing a subreddit as a FoS specific forum. After numerous iterations, I think I've hit on the right balance.

Over the years I've witnessed dozens upon dozens of great writers and contributors emerge from the ranks of the everyman only to be willfully ignored, and in some cases, openly resented by the "professional" journalists and editors who were too busy feeling threatened by the changes the internet was forcing on their profession to recognize all the untapped potential those same changes were putting within their reach.

It was this perpetual (I realized) state-of-missed-opportunity that finally caused me to abandon the established media a few years back, and started me down the road that has led me here. Today I'm not just in a position to witness the emergence of great writers and contributors; I'm in a position to help them reach their full potential.

Reddit is, in my view, the fittest of the descendants of the online forum. As such, Reddit is the pool from which many of the next generation of great writers and contributors will emerge. Tapping that potential is why I've sunk a well from the front page of FoS directly to Reddit.

It is one of my goals to see Field of Reddit turn into a science writer/blogger factory. A place for those among you who are a bit more serious when you play on Reddit, not because you lack perspective, but because amidst the fun, you sense you're flirting with something more, something that taps your talents or inspires your passion.

If you are a true fan of science, if you would like to wield your erudition and eloquence on a field of your peers, if you are ready to grow into the best writer and thinker you can be… then I'd like you to consider contributing to r/FoS/.

The aim is to create a dynamic, collaborative and intellectually stimulating community and steppingstone where if your potential surpasses the medium, you can graduate to your own FoS blog, and beyond.

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