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The list of people who have voiced their objections to Avatar for one reason or another . . . is long. Most, of course, are simply trying to hitch their particular agenda to Avatar's success--even if that means they have to rub shoulders with their ideological foes.


As for me, I only have praise for Avatar. It succeeded on every level. It was exactly what it needed to be.

Nevertheless, I've detected something in Avatar's wake that is somewhat bothersome to me. It strikes me that audiences and critics are dismissing out of hand the environmental rape depicted in Avatar as if it were just another stretch of James Cameron's sci-fi imagination. This group denial of Avatar's nod to realism has served to remind me that humans are really and truly willfully ignorant of the severity and extent of the environmental atrocities being committed by us in the name of progress, greed and humanity each and every day, right here on planet earth.

What's more, that there is such a thing as 'Avatar' blues--because "the movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth"--only serves to underline the remarkable fact that people are blind to the unmatched beauty of the very earth under their feet.

People of earth, the Sixth Great Extinction has arrived, and we are the cartoon bad guys. Enjoy the show:

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