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The Census of Science Bloggers Wants You!

The response thus far to the Census of Science Bloggers (2011) has been rather remarkable, especially when you consider it started on a Friday (never a good day to announce). But it's Monday now, which means it's time for this census worker--a hat I'll be wearing for the rest of August--to get to work.

The Challenge: How to circulate the Science Blogger Census to the whole of the science blogosphere in such a way that it doesn't become tedious?

Having thought about it, I can't say that I've come up with a perfect solution, but I do have a plan that at least tries to minimize the pain.

I would ask you, dear science blogger, to join me as a census worker and collect one census from one science blogger you personally know. You will send them a link to this very post ( where they will find a link to the census form ( and these same instructions requesting that they do as you did--complete the census form and collect a single census from a science blogger they personally know.

If you are a contacted blogger but have already completed the census, simply proceed to part two and send the link to this post to a science blogger you personally know.

If you are a contacted blogger and have already completed the census and collected a single census from another science blogger, reply to the blogger trying to collect their census from you that they need to look elsewhere.
The key to this method is that you collect only one census--no more and no less. In this way, the effort (while not perfect) will eventually run its course and run out of steam. And in case it doesn't, the collection period ends September 1, 2011.

Thanks for your patience. I've taken a cursory look at the data collected so far, and can say the effort (and anoyance) are going to be well worth it.


  1. How much of a Science blog does it need to be - Are there any criteria for who should participate?

  2. I've just begun my blog, which, given my 6-7 posts thus far, is a cross between science, politics, and skepticism.

    More than anything, I like to point out the poor logic and evidence bandied about by creationists, politicians, and others who play loose and hard with science.

    I'm be interested in feedback, and whether or not I truly qualify as a "science blogger".

  3. @dogmatichaos: See Bora's post above on what is a science blog for whether or not yours qualifies (i.e. it is what you say it is).

    Feedback, a quick review and I would probably think of it as an atheist/politics blog.